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September 27, 2021
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Gas Consumption Calculations

The amount of energy you consume in your home or business depends on the type of appliances you have and the amount of time you use them.  Residential gas service may be provided to you on the basis of a flat rate account or your gas use may be metered.  Commercial accounts are always metered.

If you have a flat rate account, the amount you pay is based on an average consumption for the type of home or apartment you have the gas service connected to.

For metered accounts, the gas you use is calculated based on the readings from your gas meter and these readings are adjusted such that the gas consumption calculated is correct for the type of service that you have.

The gas passing through your gas meter will behave differently depending on the temperature and pressure of the gas.  Gas at higher pressures is compressed and will hold more energy than gas at a lower pressure.  Temperate and the elevation of the site above sea level will also affect the amount of gas measured.

International agreements specify that all gas measurement should be stated as corrected to a standard pressure and temperature.  Therefore the gas measured in your meter will be adjusted to state the result in terms of this standard.  The standard is one cubic metre of gas at a pressure of 1013.25 mbar and 15C.  All our tariffs are based on this standard.  If gas meter readings were not corrected for this standard, gas consumption in some meters would show less than actual and in some cases gas consumption would show more than actual.

The meter factor on your bill is the factor used to correct your meter readings to the correct standard for calculating your bill.  The factor is a combination of the adjustments for the pressure of the gas, the temperature of the gas and the elevation above sea level of the gas meter.


Example of Gas Consumption Calculation

A residential customer meter using 37mb pressure, 20 C temperature and sitting close to sea level in elevation.  A typical Dubai residential customer.

Sample Meter reading 1 – January 31st               004534.23

Sample Meter reading 2 – February 28th             004597.12
Reading difference (1 – 2)                                        62.89

Sample Gas pressure at this meter = 37mb

Pressure correction is     37 +1013.25   =   1.03652

Sample Gas Temperature at this meter = 20 C

Temperature factor is      273.15 + 15__   =  0.98294
                                    273.15 + 20

In this example the meter site is at sea level

Elevation factor = 1.0000

Meter factor to correct the volume to standard conditions is:

            Pressure factor X Temperature factor X Elevation factor

            1.036516 x 0.98294 x 1.0000  =  1.01884

The meter reading difference of 62.89 is multiplied by 1.01884 to give a result of:
64.07 cubic meters of gas used

This value is 64.07 cubic meters of gas at the standard conditions of 1013.25mb and 20 degrees centigrade.  The factor for your meter will depend on the pressure set at your regulator.

LBCG tariff is designed to cost the gas use at these standard conditions and the rate applicable for your community will be applied to this gas volume use.

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