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September 27, 2021
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Gas Account

You will have a "15-digit" gas account number with Lootah BCGas. This number identifies you and the location of the gas service. Use this number when calling the Call Center to quickly access your information and allow Lootah BCGas to assist customers promptly. This number will also be used when registering with us to use and subscribe to the Online Services of this Website.

Your account may be a metered or non-metered service. If you have a gas meter installed you will be billed based on a fixed charge plus the gas meter readings. If you do not have a gas meter installed you will be billed on flat rate charges based on the type of service you have.

On a periodic basis, in accordance with the rates you have signed up for, you will receive an invoice from Lootah BCGas for gas service. The invoice will clearly indicate the charges and the type of service you have.

You may reside in an area where the cost of gas is included in your housing fees. In such cases, the invoice for gas service may go to the housing management company. In certain cases you may have a gas meter with a smart card reader. Lootah BCGas will inform you if this is the case, and instruct you on how to renew your smart card.

In all cases you may contact the Call Center in Dubai toll free at any time to answer any questions you may have on your account.

Contact Info
P.O.Box: 41033,
United Arab Emirates
Tel:+971 4 2977741
Fax:+971 4 2099634
Email: call_center@lootahbcgas.com